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Laughlin 2003
My Women on Wheels friends and me with actor, Mickey Jones, at the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Fundraiser during the Laughlin River Run, April 2003.
Susan B. Komen Fundraiser, April 2003
Again, me with my Women on Wheels friends with actor, Branscome Richmond, during the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Laughlin River Run.
On the road again!
My friend, Nance, and me on our way home from Laughlin, NV, April, 2003.
Christmas 2003
Me and my grandson, Austen, on Christmas Eve, 2003.
U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln - May, 2003
The return of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln from the Persian Gulf during the War with Iraq. My grandson's daddy was on this ship and we went to San Diego to welcome him home.
Happy Family!
My grandson, Austen, his daddy Seaman Wes, and my daughter, Blythe, on Wes' return from the Persian Gulf (May, 2003).
Easter, 2003
My grandson, Austen (2 yrs old), on Easter morning. April, 2003.