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Austen, October, 2002

My grandson, Austen.

Halloween, October, 2002
My daughter, Blythe, and her son, Austen.
Carving Pumpkins
Blythe and Austen carving his first Halloween pumpkin.
Love Ride, November, 2002
Harley Pigs during the annual Love Ride.
Love Ride, November, 2002
Me and my friends, Dan, Linda, and Howard at the pre-ride festivities.
Good Friends are Hard to Find
Me and my good friend, Nance.
Oktoberfest, 2002
My daughters Blythe and Megan, with my grandson, Austen, at his first Oktoberfest family tradition.
Getting Ready to Oompah Pah!
Blythe and Austen (wearing his new Lederhosen!).
Love Ride 2002
Actor, Peter Fonda, at the annual Love Ride.
Laughlin River Run, April 2003
Another shot of Oatman, AZ. Note the furry friend in the foreground.
Grand Canyon, July, 2000
Me in front of the Grand Canyon during a trip home from a family reunion in Taos, New Mexico.
Palms to Pine Trees Ride
Me and friends on a Palms to Pine Trees ride during a stay in Palm Springs, January, 2003.
Poppies Galore!
My best friend, Linda, and I rode to visit the Poppy Fields near Lancaster, CA. They were so beautiful. People come from all over Southern California to see them when they are in bloom.
Ground Zero Memorial, November, 2002
I visited Ground Zero in New York City during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in November, 2002. It was a very sombering experience.