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These are some of my favorite photos.
I wanted to share with you photos of my family and friends. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!!

Me and my grandson, Austen.

My grandson, Austen.

Me and Austen, July '03

Me and my horse, Bailey. He's 3 now.

My daughter, Blythe, and Austen's daddy, Wes.

My daughters, Christine (L) and Megan (R).

My friends, Dan and Linda.

Eric (Jackie's husband), my daughter - Jackie, me, and my sister - Sandy.

Austen's 1st birthday, May 3, 2002.

My daughters, Jackie (L) and Megan (R).

New Year's Eve 2001: Jon, Wes, Blythe, Christine.

Me getting ready to go on the WOW ride in Feb. 2003.

My sister, Sandy, and me having too much fun!

Me in Amalfi, Italy, July 2001.

Me in Hvar, Croatia, July 2001.

Me in Pompeii, Italy, July 2001.

Me catching fish in Loreto, Mexico.

Me in Oatman, AZ.

Just "a few" family members of the Linaker clan at a family reunion in Taos, NM, July 2000.

Future biker, Austen.

My oldest daughter, Christine.

December, 1986. My kids (clockwise): Andy, Christine, Blythe, and Megan.

Laughlin, AZ 2002 (outside of the infamous Harrah's) with Robin, Dan, Linda, me, and Wendy.

Laughlin River Run 2000 with Ernest T., Blair, and me.

Me in Auburn, CA, May 2002.

My friend, Nance, in Laughlin, April 2000.

Me and my soulmate, Blair, who died unexpectedly on November 29, 2001.

My daughter, Christine, me, and my son, Andy.

Christine's college graduation from Mankato University. She received a Registered Nurse degree. Sandy, Andy, Christine, and me.

Megan at the Grand Canyon, July 2000.